This water gives water

We’ve launched a new initiative at all of our venues where we charge $1 per guest for unlimited filtered still and sparkling water, proceeds of which support our collaboration with charity: water. This year we’ve pledged to fully fund a community owned water project, providing safe, sustainable drinking water to an entire village in Nepal.


Why Nepal?

Nepal is known for its beautiful Himalayan mountains, deep rolling valleys, and richly flowing streams. But many of its water sources are not only difficult and dangerous to access, they are highly contaminated.

In some regions the terrain is hilly and women there, on average, spend more than 2.5 hours a day collecting water for their families. Additionally, over half of the population lives without toilets and access to adequate sanitation.


what you’re building

Charity: water, along with Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH), provides lifesaving water and sanitation services to rural communities in Nepal. By constructing gravity-fed, motorized, and solar powered piped water systems, NEWAH delivers pure spring water across miles of rugged terrain directly to community tap stands. They also train community members to conduct sanitation and hygiene education, and ensure community ownership and project sustainability by forming local water committees to oversee and maintain every water project.

NEWAH’s piped systems transport water from mountain sources to community tap stands, using gravity, solar power, or motorized pumps, depending on the terrain.

The water source for these systems is usually a naturally occurring stream or spring that is covered and protected. From this protected intake point, water is piped into a reservoir tank, which is connected to a network of pipes that distribute it to multiple tap stands. These tap stands are located no more than 15 minutes away from each of the households they serve, decreasing the time many families spend collecting water from distant sources.